About us

The „Zapiecek“ agritourism farm was established for all those nature-lovers wanting a break from the hustle and bustle of busy cities and looking for peaceful relaxation among the serene, undulating hills of Masuria. It is located at the edge of the village of Idzbark, in the western part of Masuria. The building itself is quaintly situated among fields and meadows, forests and woodland… home to a thousand or so spruce trees planted by its proud Owner. The orchestral song of birds and the sweet sound of the wind will inevitably become your favourite music during your stay and, as for attractions, we highly recommend the White-tailed Eagle Reserve, which is within walking distance from the estate, where you will also be able to peer intothe fascinating world of the wild – with cute fox cubs playing in the hedgerows nearby and many other animals.

„Zapiecek“ is indeed a rarity as its rural location has been tastefully combined by its Owners with many urban architectural conveniences. The building is spacious, giving every one of its Guests the opportunity to find a quiet and comfy place of their own where they can wind down and relay. The main theme of “Zapiecek” is ‘SPACE’ which is evident already upon entering the grounds of the estate. This is also true for its interiors, where we are greeted by a welcoming hall and a sunny dining room with a cosy fireplace. Despite the vast surface area of the building, it accommodates only 10 guests in order to ensure the comfort, sense of space and freedom that are so sought after in contemporary, busy times. There are 4 independent living quarters (2 double rooms, 2 triple rooms, with additional beds available).