Idzbark is a true gem in Masuria with many local attractions. The neighbouring village of Stare Jabłonki hosts regular events such as the immensely popular Sielawa Blues Festival. The town of Ostróda is located a mere 7 kilometres from the village of Idzbark and 35 kilometres away from the capital of the Varmia-Masuria province – the town of Olsztyn.

The region has a tremendous amount to offer both in terms of its natural beauty as well as historic places of interest. The area is also famous for the luxury Hotel SPA Dr Irena Eris Wzgorza Dylewskie, situated nearby.
Historically, this is where King Vladislaus Jagiełło (1351-1434) defeated the Teutonic Order in the Battle of Tannenberg (15 July 1410). The nearest castle of the Teutonic Order is located close by in Ostróda, and Malbork Castle, which is more grandiose, is located 100 kilometres west. This is also where you will be able to experience a unique on European-scale adventure provided by the Ostróda-Elbląg Shipping Company – a boat cruise not only on water but…. on grass, as well!

The open-air museum village in Olsztynek gives fascinating insight into how the ethnic groups of Masuria and Varmia lived and worked in the past. For a real taste of the local cuisine, a visit to the “Karczma Warmińska” [Varmian Tavern] in the town of Gietrzwałd is an absolute must! Food for the soul can be drawn from the Marian Sanctuary in the town of Gietrzwałd with a miraculous spring (a Roman Catholic religious site where Marian apparitions took place in the year 1877, which later received official approval of the R.C. Church), often referred to as the Polish Lourdes. There are many more things to see and admire and much more could be written here… but it’s easier to see and experience for yourself:
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